Live is life

“When we all give the power, we all give the best. Every minute of an hour, don’t think about a rest. Then you all get the power, you all get the best. When everyone gives everything and every song, everybody sings Live, Live is life!” Live is life, Opus Tiramisu is a typical coffee-flavoured Italian… Read More

Eso que tú me das

“Eso que tú me das, es mucho más de lo que pido. Todo lo que me das es lo que ahora necesito. Eso que tú me das, no creo lo tenga merecido: por todo lo que das te estaré siempre agradecido. Así que gracias por estar, por tu amistad y tu compañía. Eres lo, lo… Read More

I was born to love you

“So take a chance with me, let me romance with you! I’m caught in a dream and my dream’s come true. So hard to believe this is happening to me, an amazing feeling comin’ through. I was born to love you, with every single beat of my heart. Yes, I was born to take care… Read More

Sunday best

“Every day can be a better day, despite the challenge. All you gotta do is leave it better than you found it. It’s gonna get difficult to stand, but hold your balance. I just say whatever ’cause there is no way around it ’cause. Everyone falls down sometimes, but you just gotta know it’ll all… Read More

Vivir mi vida

“Y para qué llorar, pa’ qué, si duele una pena, se olvida. Y para qué sufrir, pa’ qué, si así es la vida, hay que vivirla. Voy a vivir el momento para entender el destino. Voy a escuchar en silencio, para encontrar el camino. Voy a reír, voy a bailar, voy a gozar, Vivir mi… Read More

I believe that We will win!

“You know what spreads faster than any virus? It’s fear and when it comes to fear, you can either forget everything and run, or you can face everything and rise. I believe we gonna face everything and rise. I believe that we will win. We can lose the battle, but we gon’ win the war.” I believe that we… Read More